Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues

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Find Connection and Attunement Again

  • Are you tired of feeling lonely and disconnected in your relationship?
  • Do you feel like you’re in an endless thought loop about your relationship? 
  • Does it feel like you spend more time in your head than with your partner? 
  • Are you exhausted by constantly overanalyzing any shifts in your partner’s moods? 
  • Do you want to improve your relationship but your partner won’t go to therapy? 

I know how frustrating and stressful it can be to struggle with relationship anxiety. The constant fluctuation of your self-confidence based on how happy you perceive your partner to be with you is exhausting. It's tough to be caught in a loop of analyzing past interactions, hoping to find reassurance but often finding only more questions…Maybe the anxiety causes problems in your relationship because you end up bringing up concerns that somehow end up turning into arguments that never get resolved.  

Even though you’re in a committed long term relationship, you still struggle with fears of being abandoned, whether that be emotionally or physically. You get so frustrated with yourself that you can’t get over your anxiety and just be happy. Or maybe that frustration is more directed at your partner for not getting it even though you’ve tried to communicate your feelings. You are starting to feel a distance growing between the two of you and that idea scares you and leaves you feeling lonely. 

Imagine a life where your self-worth isn’t so dependent on how your partner feels about you. You’re able to enjoy your relationship without carrying the heavy burden that anxiety weighs on you.  You’re able to deeply connect with your partner again because you’re out of your head and are able to be present with him again. You’re able to focus on other areas of your life because the relationship anxiety isn’t overtaking most of your thoughts. 

Find Connection Again

We’ll start by looking  at where your anxiety comes from. This insight is key to understanding the role that your worrying serves. It might be a result of the relationship dynamic or it might be a result of your own “stuff” that is getting stirred up from the relationship. Either way it’s essential to get a better understanding of the root cause of the relationship anxiety.

Once we understand why it’s there in the first place, it frees up the mental space to change your relationship to anxiety and ultimately find freedom from it. So much of our mental energy goes into getting rid of the anxiety or asking our partner to fix it for us. Either strategy usually doesn’t work. Telling ourselves NOT to worry usually does the opposite…it makes us worry even more. This is why an essential part of therapy is understanding anxiety from a compassionate lens rather than a lens that views anxiety as the enemy. When we expect our partner to fix our anxiety it also usually backfires. Our anxious brain will usually come up with some other “what-if” scenario to latch on to and the cycle will continue. 

Are you ready to feel more content and empowered in your relationships?

Individual Therapy For Relationship Issues Can Help You:

Identify the root cause of your anxiety

Improve emotional intimacy in your relationship

Increase self-esteem by gaining trust in yourself

Reconnect with your partner

How can individual therapy help with relationship issues?

Individual therapy offers a dedicated space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to relationships. It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your own patterns, improve self-awareness, and develop healthier communication and coping skills. Through therapy, you can work on building self-confidence, setting boundaries, managing emotions, and enhancing your overall relationship dynamics.

Is individual therapy suitable if my partner is not interested in therapy?

Absolutely. Individual therapy can be beneficial even if your partner is not currently seeking therapy themselves. It provides you with tools and insights that can positively impact your relationship interactions. As you work on your own personal growth and communication skills, you may find that your changed behaviors can influence your relationship dynamics and potentially encourage your partner to consider therapy as well.

Why might I consider individual therapy for my relationship issues instead of couples therapy?

Many people are in relationships where their partner doesn’t feel comfortable going to couples therapy. While frustrating, it doesn’t mean your relationship has to stay strained. Individual therapy allows you to focus solely on your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors within the context of your relationships. It can help you understand your patterns, personal history, and reactions, which can contribute to more effective communication and problem-solving when engaging with your partner in the future. In my experience I have found that a lot of relationship problems can be improved individually because the person gains the self-awareness and learns to communicate more effectively which in turn improves the relationship dynamic. 

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