Therapy for Anxiety

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Do you feel like you’re in an endless thought loop that you can’t escape? Does it feel like it’s paralyzing you from making decisions and enjoying your life? You’re so caught up in “what-if” scenarios that even seemingly simple decisions seem like they’re overwhelming.

You catch yourself thinking…

"I can't seem to quiet my mind; it's always racing."

“I feel like I’m on edge all the time.”

"I'm constantly irritable, and little things set me off."

Maybe the overthinking negatively impacts your romantic relationships because you’re constantly questioning your partner’s intentions or how they feel about you. You’re frequently asking for reassurance from your partner and that makes you worry that he will get sick of you and eventually leave. You’re afraid to be honest about your concerns so you try to bottle them up but it eventually comes out in the form of picking fights with him about other things.

Perhaps you’re in a place in your life where you worry a lot about how your future is going to look like. You had a plan for how you’re life would look like but the reality of your circumstances does not match that plan…And this leaves you feeling a sense of dread about the future. You want so badly to feel more present and to accept your life as it is but you can’t help but get sucked in to the worries about what the rest of your life will look like. You have this sense of impending doom that you can't shake.”

Anxiety Doesn't have to Continue Taking Over Your Life

You absolutely can learn ways to detach yourself from the vicious thought loops. Without the heaviness of anxiety weighing you down you can finally get back to living your life rather than being stuck in your head. Depending on the level of distress you’re in right now, we might start with learning some coping skills to help you take the edge off. This way we can focus more on resolving the core conflict that is driving your anxiety. If you’ve already been practicing the coping skills and you’re ready to dig in deeper, then great! Let’s get to work…

So what does doing the "work" even mean? A big part of it w involves a willingness to get uncomfortable by facing the anxiety head on and looking at the roots of it. Because anxiety is so scary, we often avoid thinking about what the sources of our anxiety is and this avoidance is what perpetuates the problem. Although it sounds scary, facing your anxiety directly is the most empowering place to be because it puts the control back in your hands rather than being controlled by the anxiety. When we do this we are teaching ourselves that we can absolutely handle whatever life has to throw at us.

Therapy for Anxiety Can Help You

Improve your focus

Gain more self-trust

Improve your confidence

Learn how to communicate more effectively 

Reconnect in your relationships

Improve your sleep quality and feel more energized

What is anxiety and how do I know if I have it

Anxiety is a natural emotion that is part of the human experience. However, sometimes it can become more severe to the point that you have physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, difficulty sleeping, or restlessness. Other times it can look like excessively thinking about the future or worrying that something bad will happen to you or a loved one. 

What can I expect during an anxiety therapy session?

During therapy sessions, we'll discuss your specific concerns and work together to develop personalized strategies to manage anxiety. Depending on where you are in terms of distress, we will practice some exposure to the thoughts that are driving your anxiety. We also may spend some time exploring the roots of your anxiety and gaining new perspectives on how to make sense of your experience.

Question: What is the difference between everyday stress and clinical anxiety?

Everyday stress is a common part of life, while clinical anxiety involves persistent and excessive worry or fear that can interfere with daily functioning. Even if you don't having a clinical diagnosis therapy can still be helpful in understanding the root of your anxiety. Insight is one of the keys in coping with and overcoming anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions