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Are you tired of Battling Your Inner Critic and Trying to Stop Overthinking?

It’s mentally and physically draining…The constant battle you have with yourself that you’re not good enough.

  • On paper your life looks great, but internally you’re constantly beating yourself up about all the ways you're screwing up.
  • There’s a sense of loneliness, anxiety, and darkness inside that makes you feel isolated from the people closest to you.
  • You feel especially lonely in your romantic relationship

Maybe your inner critic makes you over analyze your partner’s shifts in mood and you often conclude that he will get tired of you and eventually leave. Or maybe you're unhappy in your relationship because of built up resentment from all of the unresolved fights you’ve had. You used to be so in love but now there is so much built up conflict that the love you once had has eroded. You’re ready to dive deeply into understanding how you’re contributing to this disconnect, and rekindle the love and respect for your partner. 

Even though you’re in touch with your own feelings, the idea of being vulnerable and opening up to people scares you. All of this bottling up of your emotions leaves you feeling resentful towards the people closest to you, including yourself.

You Don't Have to Live this Way Anymore

Hi I’m Nausheen, and I’m here to help you feel more connected to yourself and your relationships. I fully believe that every human being has the innate ability to become more compassionate towards themselves, even if that idea seems elusive at this point. With me you can expect authenticity, humor, and straightforwardness to help you get to the root of your problems. I love to work with women who are ready to dig deep and put in the work to get to a place of inner clarity and calm. The women I work with don’t want to just be validated, they want a therapist who will challenge them to see things from a different perspective.