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Does it feel like you’ll never be like those alpha guys who can go after what they want? Are you having difficulty finding the confidence in romantic relationships? 

You’re successful in your academic or career life, but for some reason the world of relationships and dating feels like rocket science. You thought settling down with a good woman would be a natural next step in life but you’re finding yourself feeling stuck with how to go about approaching women, or when you are talking to a woman you don’t know how to win them over. You’re the nice guy and treat women with respect…so why do you keep getting friend zoned or just never chosen by the women you’re really interested in? The frustration you feel with yourself is so exhausting and you’re sick of seeing your friends win at relationships. You’re terrified of being rejected and feel intimidated at the idea of initiating contact with a woman. Maybe you’ve been rejected before and the idea of starting over in the dating world seems daunting and gives you anxiety. Or maybe you feel entirely directionless in all facets of your life and you can’t find the motivation or direction to feel the confidence you need to live a life where you feel fulfilled.

I get it, navigating the world of women and relationships can be so confusing. As a man, the idea of reaching out for help is so tough so if you’ve made it here, congrats you’re already on the way to more confidence in finding your long term relationship. Through our work together you can expect practical strategies to get you the confidence you want so much.

My story:

My calling to coach young men is a culmination of my upbringing and my passion for mentoring others. Growing up, I spent a lot of one on one time with my late father who instilled values in me that are crucial to having healthy masculinity…things like hard work, integrity, honesty, and protectiveness. I have five younger sisters and he always taught me that one of the most important jobs was to take care of them as the eldest in my family. Needless to say, my father was my best friend and mentor. When he fell terminally ill when I was a teenager, I really had to step up and become a man to take care of him and the rest of my family. Although it was hard, I’m so grateful for that experience because it really allowed me to develop the qualities necessary to become the man I am today.

Throughout my life my friends would always look towards me for advice in all facets of life, people would naturally ask me to help them with big decisions in life and I found myself mentoring my friends and younger siblings friends as well.

The turning point for me in knowing I was meant to coach guys on how to be confident was when I met my wife and after two months got engaged and married. They were all struggling in this department and wanted to know how I did it.

You see, it wasn’t just this magic spark that allowed her to commit so quickly…It was my ability to market myself with confidence.

What I’ve learned:

  • I started noticing a pattern in the guys I would talk to…they all thought they needed to be rich, tall, and be doctors to get married (I definitely wasn’t rich or a doctor…tall, yes). They would let their fear of rejection get in the way.
  • Approaching women is 90% about how you approach them.Your on paper credentials don’t matter as much as your ability to market yourself. Most guys don’t have this mindset, and that’s where I come in.
  • Society taught us all the wrong things about women. We grow up thinking if you’re kind, respectful, and listen attentively then we get the girl. But what I’ve noticed is that it’s much more about confidence, having game, and showing her you embody the qualities of a healthy masculine man. All of these things are the meat of what I teach guys to do.  

Together, we'll get you to a place of thriving in your life. I'll help you understand the real way that women work instead of the ideas we've been falsely sold. We'll also work on the mental blocks that are holding you back from the confidence you need to take risks and move past the fear of rejection.